Uganda for her Initiative

    U4Her is a registered non-profit organization whose major concern is to empower the girl child and her community in Uganda through improved access to education and healthcare.

      Sector 39

      Sector39 is an association of leading practitioners and teachers in Permaculture design. We offer a number of Permaculture Design Courses (PDCs) throughout the year, some on a two-week intensive basis, others spread over six weekends spread over 3 months. By arrangement, we can also tailor learning experiences and short courses to meet your specific requirements.


        BEU Permaculture is  a private permanent agriculture social and commercial enterprise that is operated under the twelve principles of Permaculture and the three Ethics that is care for people, care for Earth and Fair share dedicated to build resilient communities with their agribusinesses through providing affordable Permaculture ecosystem designs, accessible, quality services.

          Scope Uganda

          Schools and Colleges Permaculture Program (SCOPE) Uganda is a network of 20 organizations that work with schools ensuring that children get practical education,and lunch meal while developing an ecologically sustainable landscape where children get countless learning.

            Mpifa Uganda

            Mpigi District Farmers Association is local N.G.O operating in Greater Mpigi District. It implements its activities under 7 components; Organisational development, Agroforestry & Climate Change, Farmer Enterprise Development, Lobby & Advocacy, Mainstreaming Gender and HIV/AIDS, Children and Youth, and Prisoner Rehabilitation Programme (PREP)

              Just Kids Lunch Foundation

              Just kids Lunch is a nonprofit organization that aims to eliminate child hunger and emphasizes the importance of nutrition in schools by donating food to vulnerable schools and children and sensitizing communities about nutrition.